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Hamster Kombat

«Hamster Kombat» — is a play-to-earn "Tap" clicker game hosted on Telegram and developed around the concept of building a crypto empire. Players start with a basic hamster and can upgrade it by earning and using tokens in the game. The game combines fun interactive tasks with financial literacy and the mechanisms of a virtual crypto exchange.

Players can earn tokens by completing daily challenges, participating in special missions, and participating in frequent giveaways. These tokens are critical to improving their hamsters and expanding their digital operations, increasing their earning potential. The game also contains educational elements through Web3 Academy, helping players learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

One of the unique aspects of Hamster Kombat is its community-oriented approach. It aims to unite players around the world, promoting a sense of community and mutual development. Unlike many other games, it does not rely on advertising revenue, emphasizing organic growth of community and financial literacy.

For those interested in the financial aspects of the game, Hamster Kombat plans to introduce a token that will be listed on various exchanges, allowing players to potentially convert their in-game earnings into real-world value. The game has also secured partnerships with major players in the cryptocurrency and gaming industry to expand its reach and integrate more features.

Overall, Hamster Kombat offers a combination of entertainment, education and earning potential in a friendly and engaging environment.

History of the development of the game Hamster Kombat

  • Base game released
  • Mining update
  • Added tasks for earning money
  • Referral system
  • LVL ratings
  • Daily Rewards
  • Special cards
  • Daily combos
  • "Partner" blockchain announced
  • Development of network infrastructure
  • Implementation of a wallet in the game
  • Web 3 pre-quest
  • TGE
  • Launching the in-game Token utility
  • Teams
  • Characters and skins
  • Limited Time Events
  • Live events
2024-[10-12]We will keep much more secrets so as not to spoil your hobby

General information about the Hamster game (Hamster Kombat)

🌐 Official websitehamsterkombat.io
🚀 Release2024-03
📌 Number of players95 000 000 +
📌 Number of subscribers in TG29 000 000 +
📌 Number of subscribers in Youtube17 800 000 +
📌 Number of subscribers in Twitter / X6 100 000 +
⭐ PartnershipsBingX, GotBit

Advantages and disadvantages of playing Hamster Kombat

✔️ They are working on the program and regularly rolling out updates.❌ Forecast about the prospects of Hamster Kombat and whether it will be possible to make money is still difficult to say
✔️ Various partnerships with other well-known projects are constantly emerging
✔️ The application works stably
✔️ Nice design
✔️ Included in the TOP applications in Telegram Apps
✔️ There is a clear roadmap that shows that there will be a listing, and it is not far off
✔️ Support is always available
✔️ You don’t need to click on the screen 24/7, just log in several times a day and collect what the bot has mined


⓵ When will the hamster cryptocurrency be listed?

There is no specific date or information regarding the listing yet, so I recommend subscribing to the official channels so as not to miss news about the drop and listing.

⓶ How many people play Hamster Kombat?

More than 42,000,000 active users at the time of writing.

⓷ How to choose cards for proper leveling in Hamster Kombat?

First of all, pay attention to how much profit the card brings per hour and how much it costs. For example, a card costs 10,000 coins and brings in +950 profit per hour, so this card will pay for itself in about 10 hours, so you can evaluate each card and decide on upgrading it. Also take into account the fact that each next level will be more expensive, but it will also bring more profit; here also use the rule from the previous paragraph.

⓸ What is the name of the Hamster Combat coin?

The coin in Hamster Combat will be called HAMSTR.